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Wealth Wisdom Investech Private Limited (“Company”) endeavors to ensure the confidentiality and security of personal information and details collected by us. The principal aim of collecting such personal information is to aid and assist the Company in identifying you personally. The privacy policy herein explains the entire process of collection, updating, sharing, safety, modifications and other aspects related to personal information.

The Company’s website can be accessed for certain features without registering or disclosing any personal information. However, anonymous data may be made available to us by your web browser or computer in the form of Hyper Text Transfer Protocol (HTTP) cookies and such data may be utilized by us for research and analysis purposes.

For using services offered by the Company, it is necessary for a User to get registered on our website and open an account with us. Upon opening of the account, each User will be given a User id and password being the login credentials. While creating the account, certain sensitive information about the User like email address, communication address, FATCA/CRS details and financial information will be required to be shared with us (“KYC Details”). In addition to this, the Company may require you to share additional personal information from time to time pursuant to any regulatory amendments or for betterment of services provided by the Company (the KYC Details and the additional information collectively referred to as the “KYC Information”).

The KYC Information will be required by the Company for communication and for undertaking such activities for which the User has authorized the Company. Such KYC information shall be used/shared/maintained/accessed/stored with/by third party technology service provider/AMCs/RTAs/authorized service providers to enable/ facilitate/ complete/ process online Mutual Fund transactions and report/statement generation.

The Company may, if required, call upon the User to submit physical evidence of the Personal Information like PAN and other identification documents for complying with regulatory requirements.

The Company may capture/verify the bank details printed on the scanned image of cancelled cheque, which belongs to the User, with the information provided at the time of user registration on the Website/Application and the said information may be used by the Company and its affiliates for offering services through the Website/Application.

Notwithstanding the Personal Information shared with the Company, such Personal Information is purely of the User and the Company doesn’t exercise any control over the same. Any updating of the Personal Information would require the User to login into the User account and provide physical evidence of the same. The Company has a legal obligation and will provide every registered User of the website and services with a readable copy of the personal data that the Company keeps about each User. As an added security measure, the Company may require additional proof of identity prior to such disclosure. The Company requests the Users to keep their login credentials safe, secure, and secret and not to disclose to unauthorized persons. Should the User feel that the security and secrecy has been compromised for any reason whatsoever, the User shall immediately contact the Company.

Usage of KYC Information

The Company collects the KYC Information about the Users to familiarize with the User and pursuant to the mandates issued by the SEBI, from to time, under the Know Your Customer Regulations. The objective for collecting the Personal Details is included but not limited to:

  • To help registered Users transact through the website to avail the products and services offered by the Company
  • To get in touch with you and notify the Users by sending notices, alerts, notifications, and communications in respect of the products and services
  • To customize, tailor and improve the User experience and services offered; to enhance the features basis the access of the products and services and feedback of the Users
  • To undertake market research, analysis, planning, problem resolution, protection and mitigation against fraud, errors, or any criminal activity
  • To such Third-Party Service Providers which assist the Company in providing services to the registered Users

For any of the above purposes, the Company may seek assistance from group companies/ affiliates, third party vendors, agents, contractors, consultants, or service providers (individually a ‘Third Party Service Provider’ and collectively, the “Third Party Service Providers”). Such Third-Party Service Providers shall be bound by similar privacy restrictions as are contained in this Privacy Policy. The services provided by the Third-Party Service Providers may include sending email, text, and other electronic messages on our behalf, collecting subscription fees for such services, and notifying or contacting you regarding any problem with such services.

Sharing and disclosure of KYC Information

The Company does not, without express consent of the registered User, sell/ share/ rent/ trade or disclose the KYC Information with any related or unrelated third party except:

  • pursuant to any statutory, legal, or regulatory requirement
  • pursuant to any order of court of competent jurisdiction
  • for protecting the interests of the Company, its affiliates, members, constituents or of other persons
  • for seamlessly providing the product and services offered by the Company
  • for smooth processing of transactions and report generation

The Company may aggregate the KYC Information as a non-personally identifiable pool to be used, disclosed, or shared in aggregated form for purposes including research, analysis, advertising to such organizations or Third-Party Service Providers which are bound by similar privacy restrictions as are contained in this Privacy Policy.

Upon the registered User deleting its account, the KYC Information and other data will also be promptly deleted from our database and no further access will be possible. Provided however, that certain aggregated data derived from a User’s KYC Information may remain in back-up servers to enable us to retrieve the data in case of any problem or damage to the primary servers.

Notifications and mailers

The Company on its own or through Third Part Service Providers may send notifications, email or text or electronic messages or alerts in other forms being periodic summary of your account, newsletters, research information, marketing surveys in relation to the products and services offered by the Company. The registered User may opt out of the said services by unsubscribing to said notifications/alerts. However, the registered User would continue to receive such notifications and alerts which are related to transactions or as mandated by any statute or regulation.

The registered Users may be requested from time to time to participate in surveys, contests, giveaways, feedbacks, and other promotions. The information submitted or furnished in such surveys etc. shall be subject to this Privacy Policy except any terms and conditions which may be specifically set out in the said surveys etc. The Company recommends the Users to read the terms and conditions of such surveys, contests, giveaways, feedbacks, and other promotions before participating in the same.

Use of Cookies and online session information

“Cookies” are alphanumeric identifiers in the form of text files sent from a website and stored in the User’s web browser and thereafter in the hard drive of User’s computer, while the User browses particular website. Each time a User loads the website, the browser sends the cookie back to the server to notify the User's previous activity. The Company’s website will automatically receive and collect certain anonymous information in standard usage logs through the server, including computer-identification information obtained from "cookies" sent to your browser from a web server or other means.

The cookies may be used for multiple purposes including but not limited to enable the Company’s website to bring ease in the process of logging into by the registered Users, ensuring security and authenticity, ease in loading the desired pages by a registered User based on browsing history. Should a user desire to delete the cookies stored in the computer, please check the settings of your internet browser which would allow deletion of cookies. However, deletion of the cookies may adversely affect the functioning of the website.

Security of Data

For availing the services offered by the Company, every User is required to get registered on our website or on the mobile Application. During registration, each User is required to have a unique login ID and password for ensuring the security and privacy of the data. It is recommended that the Users keep their login ID and passwords confidential and not share the said credentials with any third party. It is also recommended that the Users follow the standards set for forming password and any password which does not confirm to the said standard will be rejected and the User will be asked to have a password confirming the standards. The Company recommends Users to change the password periodically to avoid any compromise in the privacy and security of their account and data.

The Company shall not be responsible and liable should any third party obtains access to your account and/or information upon obtaining the login ID and password from you or upon violation of this Privacy Policy or the Terms and Conditions.

In respect of KYC information provided by you for enabling the online mutual fund transactions and the mutual fund transaction details, such information would be also available with third party technology service provider/AMCs/RTAs/authorized service providers and treated as proprietary and confidential in nature by them and to be used/shared/maintained/processed by them only on need-to-know basis for service enablement.

Blogs and other forums

The Company or any third party may host bulletin boards, blogs, chatrooms, discussions, debates etc. (“Forums”) for registered Users and/or public. It is recommended that such Forums be used judiciously by the Users as any information including personal sensitive information and/or KYC Information so disclosed or submitted may be used, read, collected by other persons, and may be used for sending unsolicited email or text or electronic messages or physical communications. The Company shall not be held responsible or liable for any such disclosure of personal or KYC Information and consequences thereto in any manner whatsoever.

The Company has necessary systems and technology in place to protect any unauthorized access or use or modification or disclosure of the KYC Information.

The Company is bound by the (Indian) Information Technology Act, 2000, and shall comply with all its provisions. Under Regulation 4 of the Information Technology (Reasonable Security and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Data or Information) Rules, 2011, the Company is obliged to provide every registered User with a readable copy of the information that it keeps about each User. If any User would like a copy, do get in touch with us at the address provided.

This Privacy Policy is published on the website in compliance with Regulation 4 of the (Indian) Information Technology (Reasonable Security Practices and Procedures and Sensitive Personal Information) Rules, 2011. The Privacy Policy is updated at periodic intervals, but no such modification would be made to the Privacy Policy which would have the effect of curtailing any rights already accrued to a User. Any change in the Privacy Policy would be duly notified by the Company.

If you have questions, comments, concerns or feedback regarding this Privacy Policy or any other privacy or security concern, you can contact us at:

102, Sindhi Colony,
Bani Park,
Jaipur – 302016 (Rajasthan), India
Phone: +91 96723 80100

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