We receive commission from Asset Management Companies for investments made under our ARN Code. The commission receivable is subject to and as per the guidelines laid down by SEBI and the Asset Management Companies. The commissions payable to us for the different schemes of various mutual funds, as required to be disclosed under clause 4(d) of the SEBI Circular No. SEBI/IMD/CIR No. 4/168230 dated June 30, 2009 is provided here in below.

Scheme Type Up-Front Trail-1st Year Trail-2nd Year onwards
Liquid/Ultra Short-Term Schemes Nil 0.05%-0.65% 0.05%-0.65%
Short Term Income Funds Nil 0.05%-0.65% 0.05%-0.65%
Income Funds Nil 0.05%-1.0% 0.05%-1.0%
Gilt Funds Nil 0.05%-0.65% 0.05%-0.65%
Hybrid Debt/Monthly Income Plans Nil 0.05%-0.75% 0.05%-0.75%
Arbitrage Funds Nil 0.05%-0.60% 0.05%-0.60%
Fund of Funds Nil 0.25%-0.50% 0.25%-0.50%
ELSS Nil 0.50%-1.50% 0.50%-1.50%
Index Funds Nil 0.0%-0.75% 0.0%-0.75%
Equity / Hybrid Equity Balance Funds Nil 0.50%-1.50% 0.50%-1.50%
Fixed Maturity Plans 0.05%-1.0% Nil Nil

Details of Scheme level commission on Mutual funds are available with the Relationship Managers and would be produced on demand.

This is on a best effort basis and rates are updated as and when actual rates are received from AMCs.

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